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The Main Thing

Wiener Day At The Rollercade

January 17th - March 28th
Wiener Day is the biggest event of the year in Dumpster, Arkansas, and everyone at the Fertle household is gathering for the traditional Wiener Eve dinner. Uncle Al is chairman of the Wiener Board, Doc Moore is hosting the festivities, Bridgette is running for Wiener Queen, and Country Wayne Conaway is providing the entertainment.  So what could possibly go wrong?

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April 3rd - June 6th
This laugh-packed comedy revue looks at the lighter side of life in the Natural State. It's loaded with original sketches, dozens of hilarious characters, funny songs and bogus commercials. Plus, a presidential candidate drops by for an improvised press conference, where you get to ask the questions. The perfect show for a date or a night out with friends and family!

Just Shut Up And Drive

June 12th - August 29th
The entire Singing Fertle Family from Dumpster, Arkansas, packs into a '92 Buick and attempts to drive to San Diego to visit the rich relatives they don't really like. The Fertles spend much of the show trying to reach their destination, but once they arrive the trouble really begins as the filthy rich and the dirt poor try to coexist under one roof.

Electile Dysfunction

September 4th - November 21st
A Little Rock family is divided when it comes to the presidential election, and when T.V.'s Spy Eye News team follows their story, it turns them into celebrities. Add to the mix, a local evangelist who has opened a church so large it raises cattle in its back forty. Whether you like or hate politics, you'll love this comedy about the opinionated people who live in our area.

A Fertle Holiday

Novmber 27th - January 9th
This original comedy chronicles the Fertle Family's trouble-ridden holiday reunion in the tiny town of Dumpster, Arkansas, as they attempt to entertain their rich relatives from San Diego. The Main Thing comedy trio brings the quirky family to life by portraying all the relatives and townspeople needed to create the illusion of a bustling Christmas get-together